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About our webinar

Maintaining air quality for healthy buildings is challenging. As building owners and managers know, air quality is a major component of occupier wellbeing that they can control in the workspace environment, enabling them to:

  • Attract better tenants
  • Maintain asset value
  • Reduce the potential liability associated with underperforming buildings

The RESET™ standard is a results driven, globally recognised badge of air quality. It is the only continuous building air quality standard based on real time data, allowing for deep insight and control.

  • The challenges of measuring indoor air quality as a part of a wellbeing programme
  • What RESETTM certification could do for your buildings
  • The right approach to becoming RESETTM certified
  • How to build support and agreement in your business
  • Real-life stories of RESETTM programmes in action.

Our speakers

samSam Carson, Director of Sustainability, Carbon Credentials




raeferRaefer Wallis, Architect & Founder of GIGA, RESET





brendanBrendan Rouse, Sustainability Manager, Landsec







Shane Caldwell, Senior Property Manager, IPUT





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