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About our ESOS Webinar

The window of opportunity to take a strategic approach to ESOS phase 2 is starting to close.

It takes time to identify and then implement the route to compliance that will deliver the most energy savings and has the backing of your company leadership.

here are 19 months until the compliance deadline; with 6 – 20 months required to achieve certification to ISO 50001 and a similar period for a strategic approach to ESOS. Now is the time to start the process.

During the webinar replay, we share the pros and cons of each path and lessons learnt from phase 1.

Discover how to:

  • Choose the right path for your business. Will ISO 50001 or an ESOS audit deliver the most value to your business in the long-term?
  • Derive bottom-line value for your business from ESOS phase 2
  • Benefit from lessons learned by other organisations during phase 1

We were joined by Group Property Director at Village Hotels, Andrew O'Brien, who explained how they used ESOS to drive a shift in their strategy, resulting in a significant bottom line saving.

Watch the recording