Maximising your 2019 CDP Disclosure

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About our webinar

There is a valuable opportunity right now to differentiate your company from others by placing sustainability high on your company's priorities list. You can start maximising the 2019 disclosure cycle now. We discussed the CDP disclosure process from the viewpoint of the investor, CDP, and consultancy to give a powerful and holistic view over how you can improve your disclosure to CDP. 

Frameworks such as science-based targets and TCFD can provide greater transparency over your emissions. We provided a simple road-map, which you can view in the slides, to quick wins that will also lay the foundation for a long-term strategy.

Our speakers: 

Richard TarbotonRichard Tarboton, Director of Strategic Services at Carbon Credentials
Richard shared valuable insight into how to move climate change up the agenda,
secure board-level buy-in for sustainability initiatives and translate
this into an improved CDP response.



Sonya Bhonsle, Global Head of CDP Supply Chain
Sonya gave practical tips on reducing Scope 3 emissions and engaging
the supply chain and showed 
how they relate to the CDP questionnaire
and their importance in relation to Science-Based Targets. 


Mark Emark evans bw.jpgvans, Analyst - Environment and Sustainability
at Jupiter Asset Management
Mark provided an investor perspective on disclosing
to CDP and more widely on how investors use sustainability
disclosures to inform decision-making. 

KesiKesi Courtman, Consultant and CDP Lead at 
Carbon Credentials
Kesi leads our CDP programme. She shared her in depth
knowledge from her years of delivering CDP projects to
give clarity over the CDP methodology and the benefits
of conducting a gap analysis.